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For any couple, the adoption process can be long, difficult, and draining. Because it is such a sensitive procedure—with the future of young children on the line—there are very stringent regulations dictating how adopting families are approved and children are placed. Our Birmingham family lawyers are ready walk you and your partner through every step of this process to make sure you put the very best foot forward with your adoption efforts.

We are ready to help with the following adoption procedures:

  • State requirements review
  • Department of Human Resources application assistance
  • Home study preparation
  • Home study reference letter guidance
  • Review of child background information
  • Probate hearings to submit Consent to Adopt

2015 has brought sweeping change to Alabama. Same-sex couples are now allowed to marry and that means they finally have the legal avenues to adopt children and start families. At Beckum Kittle LLP, we welcome this change and are ready to provide supportive and thorough legal counsel for these couples who are considering the adoption process for the very first time.

If you are a same sex couple who is interested in providing a safe and loving home for a child in need, then we invite you to call our team at Beckum Kittle LLP today.

As experienced Birmingham family lawyers, we understand how high the stakes are in adoption cases and how the simplest mistakes can complicate or invalidate a couple's efforts to provide a loving home. We have made it our mission to provide client-focused service in these cases and ensure that every suitable household stands the very best chance at receiving adoption approval.

Do not leave this important process solely to social workers and administrators. Call our Birmingham adoption attorneys today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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