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Divorce proceedings are already complicated and stressful matters, but this is especially true when trying to reach an agreement with your spouse about child custody terms. Regardless of what led to your divorce, you still have the right to see your child and play an active role in his or her life.

Whether you are moving forward as a single parent or are working collaboratively with your former spouse to create a joint custody arrangement, our compassionate team at Beckum Kittle LLP is ready to help facilitate the transition into a new chapter of your lives.

Our trustworthy and skilled Birmingham child custody attorneys can help you protect your child custody rights amidst divorce proceedings, no matter how contentious or complicated the case.

As parents ourselves, we understand how important your family’s dynamic is: it influences your daily living, your habits, your lifestyle choices, and most importantly, it influences your child’s identity. At Beckum Kittle, our Birmingham child custody attorneys have helped protect the child custody rights of countless fathers and mothers. We are confident in our abilities to assist you too.

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Get a Closer Look at Child Custody Laws in Alabama

When determining child custody, the court will take certain factors into consideration such as the moral character of parents and domestic violence history. The child's safety and wishes, as well as their age and gender, may also determine custody arrangements.

In the state of Alabama, when a couple cannot come to a child custody agreement, a court can grant three types of custodial rights:

  • Physical custody- The court decides which parent will have sole custody of the child while granting the other parent visitation rights. Parents can also have joint physical custody, which means the child can spend significant periods of time living with both parents.
  • Legal custody- The court decides which parent has the legal right to make decisions about the child's welfare, health, education, etc. Parents can also have joint legal custody.
  • Visitation rights- If the court decides to grant sole custody to a parent, the non-custodial parent may be granted visitation rights.

Protect Your Child Custody Rights
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Child Custody BirminghamIf you are concerned about protecting your child custody rights amidst divorce proceedings, contact our Birmingham family lawyers at Beckum Kittle as soon as possible. Your child's safety is at stake, especially if your spouse has a history of domestic violence.

Should you turn to our firm for legal assistance with your child custody case, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to help you obtain the child custody rights that suit your family's needs. Every case is unique so we provide you with tailored solutions.

We strive to offer our clients high-quality legal representation as well as personalized resolution strategies that meet their specific legal needs. We will regularly inform you about the progress of your case and address any of your concerns throughout the process.

We provide effective and ethical legal advocacy to our clients.
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