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Child Support Alabama As you begin divorce proceedings, if you are a parent to a young child, you are probably concerned about how this will affect your child. Among your concerns is if you will be able to financially provide for your child as a single parent.

With the help of our firm's Birmingham family lawyers, you may be able to obtain the child support you need to make sure all of his or her needs are met. We strive to reach a mutually beneficial child support agreement that will not endanger the financial well-being of your family. With our help, you can feel comfortable as you move forward with life.

Whether you need legal assistance as you attempt to come to a written agreement with your spouse or you need to take your child custody case all the way to court, Beckum Kittle LLP is here to help.

Every client and every family deserves to be represented by a legal professional who is wholeheartedly devoted to securing the best possible outcome. Whether you are seeking child support or are paying child support obligations, our child support attorneys in Birmingham are ready to protect your interests.

Child support will become a significant monthly financial obligation for both the recipient and giver.
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Alabama Family Courts: What You Need to Know

In the state of Alabama, child support is calculated by using a formula that considers factors such as:

  • Combined and individual gross income of parents
  • The number of children under the age of 19
  • Any pre-existing alimony or child support obligations
  • Work-related childcare and health insurance costs

Our firm has also helped many individuals oppose child custody terms or hold a former spouse accountable for not paying child support as agreed upon, which is a serious offense. In Alabama, a person who fails to pay child support may risk driver's license suspension. Our firm is ready and prepared to do everything possible to help you get the child support you need and deserve.

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As the state's child support formula factors demonstrate, each child support case is different and sometimes it is hard to tell what a judge will decide. When it comes to child support cases, you would greatly benefit from having the guidance of an attorney from our firm in order to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

We have helped many fathers and mothers in Alabama and surrounding areas obtain the child support they need after a divorce, and we wish to help you too. We never apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach, especially when it comes to your family and future. We think creatively and critically to reach a resolution that can please both payer and payee – and most importantly, your children.

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