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After a divorce, much of your life changes significantly, and your finances can be one of the most affected areas. You've subsisted on two incomes for so long that adjusting to just one is often difficult, making spousal support extremely necessary.

The state of Alabama awards spousal support based on certain qualifications and it is important to secure the full amount that you deserve. A Birmingham family attorney from Beckum Kittle LLP can represent you throughout your divorce and ensure that you don't walk away empty handed.

How is spousal support awarded?

Spousal support, also called alimony, is money paid by one spouse to the other following a divorce. This support can be necessary for a variety of reasons and the specific amount is determined by the court.

There are two kinds of spousal support available in Alabama. The first, pendent lite, is temporary support paid throughout the divorce proceedings. The second kind is called rehabilitative alimony and is common in short-term marriages when support is needed during a transitional phase after the divorce.

The court will consider the following before awarding support:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of both parties
  • How much each spouse is able to earn
  • Future abilities to earn money
  • The needs of each spouse
  • Whether one spouse ever acted as a homemaker

Spousal support is discretionary, meaning that the need for support and the ability to provide the support exist.

Beckum and Kittle can represent you!

In order to receive spousal support, you may need to take extensive measures to prove that your circumstances call for financial aid. This can be challenging, especially when you have never dealt with Alabama's legal system before. Our firm can defend your rights and secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

Don't go through your divorce alone. Contact a Birmingham spousal support attorney today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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